logo1The ProCalc Lease Analysis System was created by Alan Bushell. In the mid 1980’s Alan was an early adapter of computers and a commercial leasing broker in Manhattan. He was tired of re-creating the wheel every day doing spreadsheets for his clients. Over a period of 5 years he built the software that is now known as ProCalc. One day the company he worked for offered to buy the software from him. The light bulb went off and Alan realized that if his company would buy it, other companies would buy it as well. In April 1992, ProCalc was born. Alan and his brother Bruce (also a commercial leasing broker in Manhattan) started ProCalc.

ProCalc literally wrote the book on analyzing commercial office, industrial and retail leasing and purchasing transactions. The ProCalc methodology and calculations have been, for decades, the industry standard by which decision makers negotiate deals.

We like to say “The genius of ProCalc is NOT that it gives you the answers, but rather that it teaches you the questions”. If there is any number that you do not understand in a ProCalc spreadsheet, pick up the phone and call us and we will explain it to you and walk you through the manual calculation. ProCalc is guaranteed to make you a better smarter negotiator.

Whether you are a tenant, landlord, Sublessor or purchaser of commercial real estate we have a program to analyze your transaction. In addition, ProCalc does pretax, post tax, GAAP and P & L analysis. ProCalc has also been working closely with members of the working committee at FASB and the IFRS as a commercial real estate outreach person. Once FASB and the IFRS finalize the capitalization of lease process, ProCalc will capitalize leases as well.

Today, ProCalc is used by thousands of real estate professionals worldwide. It is the trusted name in lease analysis. As much as we are selling a product (the software), we realize that without support the product is worthless. The ProCalc tech support line is absolutely the best in the universe. Our response time is faster than anybody else and more important, our tech support crew always has the answer. Don’t believe us??? Spend a few minutes reading the testimonials on the testimonials page on this website. There are hundreds of them. See what your co-workers and competition say about ProCalc and ProLease support.