Swearingen Realty Group, L.L.C.

“Managing thousands of leases, and the many day-to-day operations that come with them, can be overwhelming without the right tools and resources. The ProLease software is a major piece of our Lease Administration operations, and Alan’s continuous customer support is exceptional. The system and the support behind it allows us to maintain numerous portfolios, and thousands of leases with ease. Having all real estate and accounting data compiled in one centralized repository allows for quick analytical review with the click of a button. Maintaining the accuracy of the data couldn’t be easier, with multiple methods to ensure accuracy. While there are other systems on the market, ProLease is fully customizable, user-friendly, cutting edge, and is updated to continuously keep up with key industry changes. I have been working with Alan directly for nearly 6 years. Alan is consistently knowledgeable and exceptionally helpful. On every occasion, he really takes the time to understand our needs, and provides the exact support and end result we are looking for.”

Ashley Crate, Director, Lease Administration


“Our Corporate Real Estate department has used ProLease for nearly ten years and I would like to personally thank you for creating a lease management system which focuses on the needs of the tenant and not the landlord. We have a substantial portfolio of leased locations (currently over 260 active properties) where we are the tenant with the responsibility of tracking dozens of various lease types, not just one standard form lease. ProLease has proven to be an invaluable tool in assisting us with our forecasting, budgeting and critical date tracking. The reporting flexibility, user-friendly navigation and modification/customization abilities of the system have made ProLease Administration and Project Tracking a definite asset to our daily real estate, facility and finance operations. Tech service is phenomenal! There is never a question that goes unanswered. You are consistently available to help and always respond to our requests for new user training! I never want to use anything else! Thanks a bunch!”

Mary Jones, CH2M HILL Corporate Real Estate


“I am writing this letter to tell you how much ProLease has made my Lease Administration job at Autodesk easier. ProLease has dissected the real estate lease into screens so the user can enter the pertinent information from the lease easily and efficiently. The software is user friendly and the help screens are excellent guides.

The report section has all of the reports that most users would need so most of the calculations that I used to do manually have disappeared. The best part of the report section is the option of being able to create your own reports and create different lease abstract reports for different situations.

ProLease has an excellent staff, knowledgeable and experienced. I have enjoyed working with them because they will guide you through the process painlessly and within your time frame. I know that I can email or call them and my questions are always answered quickly and thoroughly.

I have used several lease data systems and by far ProLease is the best.”

Gail Winant, RPA FMA

Northern Trust

“We have now been using ProLease for about 3 years. I can’t tell you how valuable this application has been to our Real Estate department. In the past, we tracked our leasing information via spreadsheets. We currently have 137 active properties (both owned and leased). Not only is all of our leasing and ownership information available at the touch of a button, but we have not missed an option or notice since implementation. ProLease has not only become the repository for our lease and ownership documents, but also a repository for floor plans and communication room drawings. This is a tremendous asset in that we can access these documents from anywhere in the country (particularly if a disaster occurs) due to the fact that the application resides on an ASP. Keep up the great work.”

William Evans, Vice President PA

Northern Trust

“Thanks for always being there for us, and I mean that literally. Every time we call, you are always available to answer our questions. There is no automated email response that my inquiry will be answered in 24 hours. There is not a phone mail system that requires me to press multiple keys to get to a live person. You are consistently prompt and pleasant.”

Kathleen Bovy, Vice President Global Corporate Services Group


“This program is awesome! I already feel that I understand all its functionality, and can do and go where I want with ease. Bob has been printing reports all day long. Each time he comes into my office with a smile on his face saying ‘look what I did.’ He feels empowered and does not have to rely on me every time he wants information. But that was the idea along with a more complete story as to what our portfolio represents. I know by now you have received this feedback from other clients. But again, I want you to know that I have a small sense of what you were trying to accomplish a long time ago, and all the work (lines of code) that went into it to make it happen. Is it perfect? No. But it’s close, and it is the best Lease Administration component on the market today.”

Joe Alston, Corporate Real Estate

Houghton Mifflin Company

“Their transition team was terrific. They took the time to understand our current system and map all our current data over to ProLease without any major issues. We were pretty much up and running live on ‘day one.’”

Laurie Drucker, Corporate Real Estate & Facilities

Alliance Data

“Everything is going well with respect to ProLease. We do have questions and issues from time to time but those get resolved in a timely manner, so thanks for the prompt on-call service.”

John Clyne, Vice President

Dominion Enterprises

“We are currently in the midst of launching ProLease with our Accounting system after I have spent eleven years working with two workbooks for our leases. I have found this product to be a breath of fresh air. It is nice to finally experience a program that is so automated and combines all the data necessary for us lease administrators into a simple database that has extremely strong reporting functions. In the short time that I have used this program, I have found the reporting function in itself is worth its weight in gold. (No more slicing and dicing for me.)

You couldn’t ask for better for Tech Support, Bruce and Alan are delightful to work with and Bruce always counts on me for my Friday, 4:55 p.m. “what did I do wrong now?” phone call.

Again, many thanks for putting together such a superb product.”

Alexis Davis, Lease Administrator

Jones Day

“The system is working great for us. We are fine tuning the data as we do audits of each office. It has been very helpful to have the data at my finger tips as I travel. Just yesterday, I had a call about adding space at an office and was able to check out the current lease and get back to people within an hour. Without the system it would have had to wait until I got back in Cleveland.

Have not had time to think about any improvements that would make it more helpful. Hope to do that as it gets used more.”

Thomas E. Hawkins, Director, Internal Auditing and Related Services


“ProLease is a robust program and a key component of our Lease Administration service offering. The visibility it provides has enabled our team to add significant value across our clients’ global portfolios.”

Jeb Atkinson, VP Corporate Services

TLC Vision

“This is fantastic! Accomplishing this upload without any down time; I’ve checked the attached file and the records listed versus what has been uploaded to my new database and, it has unquestionably exceeded my expectations.

Wonderful customer dedication and we can’t thank you enough! Your focus and commitment in getting us to 100% functionality is one of the most positive experiences ever. Thanks again Robert!”

Cynthia Simon