Alan Bushell

ProLease Co-Founder & Chief Software Architect

Alan Skiing2

Most people don’t know this about me but commercial real estate is actually my second career. From 1979 – 1986 I was a recording engineer in Manhattan. I was so lucky and blessed to be in the music business at that time. It was the “heyday” of the music industry. I was able to work in many of the greatest studios in Manhattan with some of the music industry’s most talented players. Music and technology have always been a passion of mine and my years behind the board in the recording studio taught me how to use a computer and the logic behind it. After getting married and having kids I knew my all-nighters in the studio needed to change so…being in Manhattan I decided to go into commercial real estate. I became a commercial leasing broker at Helmsley-Spear, Inc. What better way to learn the industry than to be a broker? Throughout my brokerage career I worked at three different firms (Helmsley-Spear, Inc., Peter R. Friedman, Ltd. And The Galbreath Company). In 1988 I purchased my first lap top computer, VGA monitor and Hewlett Packard Laser Jet printer. Total price tag…$11,000. Wowzaaaa! Needless to say I was one of the extremely early adapters of computers in the commercial real estate industry. How many of you were using computers in 1988? I started typing my own letters, creating my own presentations and doing my own spreadsheets. After creating a few thousand spreadsheets from scratch I realized that I was wasting a lot of time re-inventing the wheel every day. I set out to create a program that would allow me to just enter the variables of a deal and have everything calculate automatically. 4 years later, after thousands of hours of teaching myself to program and way too many sleepless nights of pulling my hair out, I had created my first lease analysis program. The company I worked for (The Galbreath Company) offered to buy it from me and it dawned on me that if they would buy it, other companies would buy it as well. The idea for ProCalc was born. I left brokerage in April 1992 to start ProCalc with my brother Bruce who was also a commercial leasing broker in Manhattan.

In 1998 my good friend Gary Unger, Owner of Link Systems, called me and said we should get together and create a lease administration database. I’ll make a long story short. I said “Definitely”. The idea for ProLease was born.  ProLease is co-owned 50% by ProCalc, Inc. and 50% by Link Systems.

I am proud to tell you that between ProCalc and ProLease we have over 2,000 companies using our software around the globe. We thank each and every one of you every day for giving us the opportunity to serve you and help you in your daily business.


Gary Unger


Gary started his career working for a few architectural firms in Manhattan, a real eye opener for a Texas boy! In 1974, he was recruited by American Express to manage the planning, design and construction for their first 1.2 M SF headquarters building. It was a phenomenal experience and when completed in 18 months, Gary decided to stay on with American Express and manage their planning and design activities worldwide… 3,500 locations in 125 countries. In 1980 Gary left American Express and started CPG Architects to provide architectural, interior and space planning services to corporations.

Inspired by technology advancements, Gary launched Link Systems in 1991 to build some of the tools that he was missing at American Express. Since then he has directed Link Systems’ development of solutions that address the entire real estate life cycle, from pre-lease through portfolio management.

Throughout his career, Gary has received many industry awards, most recently the 2010 March of Dimes Real Estate Award. Through CPG and Link, Gary has been able to provide support to the March of Dimes, Project Return, Newspapers in Education and the Yale/New Haven Hospital. Gary has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Washington University in Saint Louis and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas.


Bruce Bushell

Vice President

Bruce Bushell is responsible for all the day to day activities. He is the voice of ProCalc. If you have called for support, or sales you probably have had him assist you. Bruce was a commercial real estate broker before starting ProCalc with his Brother Alan.


John Unger

Principal, Global Sales Director

John is responsible for developing and executing our strategic sales plan, as well as directing the international sales team. Over the past 17 years with Link Systems, John has also worked closely with professional services, product development and customer support. John was recognized by the Fairfield County Business Journal in 2006 as one of the “40 under 40″ business leaders. In 2007, John was honored by Real Estate Weekly as a “Rising Star” in the real estate industry. Outside of work, John spends time supporting the Hopetown Scholarship Fund, Round Hill Scholarship Fund and the Waterside School; all organizations that help disadvantaged children reach higher education. John has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Tulane University, with coursework completed at the London School of Economics.


Susan Wall

Managing Director, Finance

In her 20 years with Link Systems, Sue has developed procedures that have been instrumental to Link Systems’ financial stability. In a business where we are providing software as well as professional services, Sue has made it very easy for management to track the financial aspects of each customer account. Sue has a degree in Finance & Administration from Gibbs College.