proThroughout the 1990’s Alan did a lot of traveling and presented ProCalc at many trade shows. Along the way Alan met Gary Unger from Link Systems / CPG Architects. On numerous occasions they had booths right next to each other. In 1998 Gary called Alan and said lets partner up and create a lease administration database together. In January 1999 ProLease was born. ProLease is co-owned 50% by ProCalc, Inc. and 50% by Link Systems.

The goal of ProLease was to create the most user-friendly, flexible, thorough, well thought out, comprehensive lease administration database available to the industry. We are proud to say we have succeeded. ProLease was designed for tenants (NOT landlords). What everybody loves about ProLease is how easy it is to navigate through, to enter data, to find information about a specific property, to run reports, create graphs etc. What the iPod did for music (put 10,000 songs in your pocket) ProLease does for your real estate portfolio (Puts the entire portfolio at your fingertips either on your computer or on your iPad).

Just like with ProCalc, although we are selling a product, the product is worthless if it is not supported by the greatest tech support team in the universe. Our world class tech support line is always available, always courteous, always patient and always has the answer. Don’t believe us??? Spend a few minutes reading the testimonials on the testimonials page on this website. There are hundreds of them. See what your co-workers and competition say about ProCalc & ProLease support.