1. ProLease was developed for Tenants (NOT landlords)
  2. Tracks Leased & Owned properties
  3. Tracks all of your subtenants
  4. Fully international capable. Enter any location in any currency & measurement type. ProLease automatically imports exchange rates from every night. You can tell ProLease how often you want your exchange rates updated or you can use your own rates.
  5. ProLease reports can show local currency & measurement amounts or convert all the local amounts to your home currency & measurement type.
  6. A/P export functionality – Export your monthly rent payments to A/P with one click
  7. Retailers can upload monthly sales in seconds
  8. Incredibly user-friendly navigation
  9. Track any expense or credit in any month
  10. Enter one-time costs or recurring costs.
  11. Name any expense anything you want
  12. Partial month pro-rating is automatic insuring deadly accurate payments regardless of what day of the month the lease starts or ends. Bumps in rent can also occur mid-month.
  13. Incredible critical date tracking, e-mail notification and critical date reports
  14. Upload an unlimited number of documents into each property
  15. Track headcount at each property
  16. Incredible reporting capability
  17. Awesome custom reporting capability as well
  18. Export any report to Excel in one click
  19. GAAP (straight line rent reporting)
  20. Capitalization of leases (coming soon)
  21. Drop down lists are modifiable on the fly by anybody who has proper edit rights
  22. Create your own dashboard of graphs and mini reports
  23. Create an unlimited number of logins. You have the ability to restrict which properties any user can see as well as whether they have read only access or edit access.
  24. Automatic mapping that allows the user to color code the map by lots of different categories
  25. Cost Center allocation allows you to assign portions of the space to one or multiple cost centers and you can do rent chargebacks to each cost center based on their proportionate share of the space.
  26. Multi use space (i.e. some office space and storage space in the same lease)
  27. Tracks all of your options, Renew, Cancel, Expand, Contract, Purchase, ROFO, ROFR, Break option etc. You can also add any other option type of your choice to the list.
  28. Track all your vendors (anybody who does any work at this property)
  29. Custom abstract reports allow each user to create/customize their own abstract
  30. Never type contact info into ProLease twice. The ProLease Phone book allows you to type a company / person’s info into the phone book once and it is accessible in any property on any screen with one click.
  31. ProLease has a Project Tracking module that allows you to create projects, track team members working on the project, create an unlimited number of tasks within each project, track budget info, payment info, vendor info, upload documents and create critical dates.
  32. You can report on your projects as well.