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The best lease
analysis software. Period.

The ProCalc Lease Analysis Software Program allows commercial real estate Professionals to create, compile and compare any type of office, industrial or retail leasing or purchasing scenario in under 2 minutes. There is nothing, repeat nothing on the market that can analyze, scrutinize and financially dissect a deal more accurately, easier and faster than ProCalc.

The ProCalc Lease Analysis Software package consists of 6 programs:

Tenant Rep Program

Allows users to show tenants the cost of getting into, occupying and getting out of a lease. You can compare up to 8 deals on a single page. Unlimited deals on more pages. You can compare different properties or you can compare the same deal different ways. You enter the data once and ProCalc will automatically create a pre-tax cash flow, post-tax cash flow, GAAP analysis and a P & L analysis. Use only what you want, but it all gets created. When this program is used in conjunction with the ProCalc Buy program, you can compare Lease vs. Buy. When this program is purchased in conjunction with the Landlord program you get the Sublease program at no additional cost.


Landlord Program

Allows users to look at the deal from the landlord’s perspective. It calculates all the income you are getting from a tenant, subtracts all the expenses you will incur in doing the deal to calculate your net income. You can compare budget vs. proposed, last offer to this offer or where you started vs. where you ended. Tenant rep brokers and corporate real estate executives love to use this program when they are negotiating against landlords. It is important to be able to see the other sides point of view and be able to show them the difference in any negotiated item. When this program is purchased in conjunction with the Tenant Rep, you get the Sublease program at no additional cost.


Buy Program

Allows users to show tenants (owner occupiers) the cost to purchase, live in and sell (at some point in the future) a property. You can purchase a 60,000 SF building, occupy 40,000 SF and lease out the other 20,000 SF to an unlimited number of subtenants. You can do either pre tax or post tax analysis in this program. When used in conjunction with the ProCalc Tenant Rep program you can compare lease vs buy.


Sublease Program

Allows you to calculate your remaining liability and then sublease out some or all of your space to one or multiple subtenants.


E-mail Program

Allows you to export up to 12 ProCalc files into one Excel workbook. You can then e-mail that one workbook to your client and it will be extremely easy for your client to navigate and print out the various spreadsheets. The exported spreadsheets do not have formulas in them. Only values. You can also protect these spreadsheets before sending them to your client so they will not be able to make any changes to them.


Commission Program

Allows you to calculate commissions and generate a commission bill that can be sent to landlords as well as an in-house commission bill that allows you to deduct expenses from the commission to get the net commission. You can list all the brokers that will share in this commission and their proportionate shares they will receive. You can even account for payouts of the commission.