1. Compare Lease vs Lease, Lease vs Buy and Buy vs Buy for Office, Industrial and Retail.
  2. Convert any report to PDF or export to Excel instantly
  3. Calculate remaining obligation of one or multiple leases
  4. Sublease space to one or multiple subtenants
  5. Model cash flows on a Pre Tax, Post Tax, GAAP or P & L basis. Enter the data once and all of this analysis is done for you.
  6. Calculate Present Value and Net Effective Rental Rates. All time value calculations are done on a monthly basis assuming a beginning of month payment because that is the way rent is paid. ProCalc allows you to switch to an end of period payment if you want.
  7. Play what-if with any variable
  8. Goal seek on any variable. Goal seeking is probably the single most important function of any analysis program. You can tell ProCalc to change any number on the spreadsheet to some other number by changing any variable in the data entry form. For example, change the Net Effective Rental Rate to $40 by changing the base rent (or free rent, or base rent increase rate etc.). When comparing lease vs buy, what do I have to sell this building for in 10 years for the PV of the buy to match the PV of the lease? How much can I pay for this building today for the PV of the buy to match the PV of the lease? The possibilities are endless.
  9. IMPORTANT- Goal seeking is also one of the main reasons why you do not want to use one of the other web based lease analysis programs. Goal seeking is a function of Microsoft Excel. None of the other web based programs have goal seeking.
  10. Built in error trapping makes it impossible for you to make a mistake when entering data.
  11. Analyze simple deals that require one cash flow.
  12. Analyze complex deals that require multiple tenants, multiple time periods or multiple pieces of space
  13. Compare deals that start on different dates
  14. Compare deals of different length terms
  15. Any portion of any month can be made free rent
  16. Analyze blend & extend deals that stay the same size or increase or decrease the rentable area
  17. Analyze Expansion options at the then escalated rent or at a completely different rent
  18. Change the rentable area during the term as many times as you like
  19. Analyze deals with renewal options or cancellation options
  20. Occupy a certain amount of space but pay on a different rentable area
  21. Any currency type you want and convert to any currency
  22. Calculate termination options (Unamortized portion of cash contribution, free rent & TI)
  23. Add logos to reports
  24. Automatic pro-rating of all partial years
  25. Bar Graphs, Pie Charts & Line charts
  26. Add photos to the analysis
  27. Show any cash flow on a lease year, calendar year or fiscal year of your choice
  28. Create your own data entry fields and add your own calculations
  29. Custom report writer that allows you to create any report of your choice
  30. In cell help in the data entry form and 24/7 access to the most incredible tech support line anywhere in the universe.